Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Composite)
Diploma Teknologi Penyelenggaraan Pesawat (Komposit)
KPT/JPS (KR 10147) 06/14, MQA A 10147

This programme will cover not only the composite technology but also all the aspect of fixed wing aircraft, including airframe and engines and will be taught in 7 semesters (3 ½ years).
The syllabus encompasses fundamentals subject such as mathematics, physics and aerodynamics. It will also encompass airframe systems, piston, airframe systems, piston and turbine engines, the electrical and electronic systems aspect, which also include basic electronics instrumentation, aircraft electrical systems and maintenance of the aircraft electrical and instrument systems. The graduates will be specialists in the areas of fabrication and repair in composite technology

Graduates will be awarded Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (composite) upon completing the programme. This comprehensive training will also prepare the graduates to be readily absorbed in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul organization (MRO). There is a need for qualified personnel in the aviation industry locally and world wide and the training provided by UniKL MIAT will ensure greater employment opportunities for the graduate in this field.


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

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Semester 6

Semester 7